Penco X TWEMCO Desk Clock


Everyone is born with different talents and backgrounds. Only one thing is precious and the same. That is time. From time to time, people experience the joys and sorrows of the world, increase the wisdom of their years, and then refine into unique and mature individuals.

Penco and TWEMCO jointly created a limited-edition page-turning clock, remembering its 20th-anniversary milestone. Also, it's the perfect time performer. The classic TWEMCO AP-28 model paired with Penco's 20th-anniversary limited colors-beige and orange-red, which blends a stylish and retro look; the slight sound made by the digital page-turning is worth hearing hundred times, and it also means time passes by at the meanwhile.

What've you realized when time passes?

**There may be slight scratches on the surface of the product, which is a normal phenomenon. Please visit the store to purchase the perfect one if you have concerns.

**When setting the time or alarm, please turn off the alarm switch to avoid destruction.

** Please avoid placing the product near items with a strong magnetic field such as TVs or speakers. The influence of magnetism may cause the product to be delayed or stalled.

Brand Penco

11.6cm × 7cm × 7.5cm
Hong Kong

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