Mo Man Tai Masterpieces Pattern Sheet (masterpieces-birds)

NT$225 NT$430

‘Masterpieces Pattern Sheet’ – rely on your own creativity, result assured – the masters preceded you.
The packaging includes one DIN A0 poster with 4 different patterns from which you can choose one to apply. ‘Masterpieces Pattern Sheet BIRDS’ comes with a short description (in english, dutch and german).
1.Choose your favourite artwork, find a suitable spot and attach the pattern sheet to the wall or to a board with appropriate dimensions.
2.Check whether you have sufficient nails. Hammer in each of the numbered dots of the chosen pattern a nail through the poster.
3.String a thread or yarn from nail to nail following the numbers on the poster.
4.Tear away the poster – smaller sections can be removed easily with a pair of tweezers.
5.Take a few steps back and enjoy your own ‘Masterpiece’.
Tip: By choosing the sort of nails and colour of the thread you can match your ‘Masterpiece’ with the rest of your interior.

[mó, man, tai] (cantonese)= no problem
During her studies and after her graduation she worked in Hong Kong. Here she decided to start her own brand.

mo man tai was founded by industrial designer Ulrike Jurklies in 2001.
mo man tai aims to surprise with products that entertain and impress in a convincing simple way. The clear, uncomplicated aesthetics and the combination of old traditions with modern production techniques form the basis for timeless design and pleasure of use.

Brand Mo Man Tai

De bedreigde zwaan – Jan Asselijn, ca. 1650 – 80cm x 120cm
Het drijvend veertje – Melchior d’ Hondecoeter, ca. 1680 – 80cm x 120cm
De menagerie – Melchior d’ Hondecoeter, ca. 1690 – 80cm x 80cm
not including nails and thread

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