Incausa Bath & Meditate Bundles

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Incausa Bath & Mediation Bundles, which combines pure plant essential oil soap bars and holy wood integrated incense, is hand-wrapped with Nepalese Lokta Paper, a traditional Nepalese craft paper. It is a very suitable gift combination, whether it is used at home or as a gift to relatives and friends.

Pure plant essential oil soap bars is similar to an herbal sauna, which mixed 15 plant essential oils and cold-pressed by small batches. The oils include lavender, patchouli, cardamom, coriander, marjoram, clove, cinnamon, vetiver, geranium. When bathing with it, you can feel the relaxation and soothing of body and mind.

Pure Breu Resin made from materials leftover from the sacred Ayahuasca ritual. It is a green herb in the tropical rainforest of the Amazon River Basin, which has traditionally boosted spirits.

Palo Santo is the sacred tree from the Peruvian Andes, and the concentration will increase with the age of the tree. The tree has a lifespan of 4,090 years and matures again for 410 years after death. It was not until then that regarded as a "sacred tree."

White Sage is traditionally used in the purification ritual of smoke, it has a rich and natural fragrance.

Chacrona & Jagube extracted from the trees of the Amazon rainforest. It is traditionally used in healing rituals to ward off evil spirits and bring good energy.

The bundle includes
Soap Bars x1
Pure Breu x1
Breu + Palo Santo x1 Breu + White Sage x1
Breu + Chacrona & Jagube x1
2 Bricks of Pure Palo Santo hand-pressed
1 Pure Palo Santo

** Soap bars is approximately 70g.
** Each incense stick can burn for about 50 minutes, while the hand-pressed Pure Palo Santo bricks can burn for about 25 minutes.

Brand Incausa

approximately 15.5cm x 8cm x 4cm(set)
approximately 81g(set)

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