Visit Merchant & Mills in Rye

Since our store opened, Merchant & Mills’s products have always been one of the most popular products we sell in Tools to Liveby. This time we finally had the chance to visit their retail store in the small British town of Rye. A refurbishment in November last year extended storefront , allowing their sewing goods and beautiful fabrics to be presented completely in front of customers; as well as the big windows allowing plenty of sunlight to come in and make the various bright colour fabrics dazzle.

Merchant & Mills is a sewing appliance brand created by Carolyn Denham, who has a degree in fashion design, and Roderick Field, a former respected National Geographic magazine photographer. Their ethos is to respect the roots of sewing and inspire more people to find the satisfaction of simply making. Therefore, despite the many beautiful samples in the store, they can't be purchased. The reason is that the founder Carolyn hopes that everyone can choose their favourite patterns, fabrics and sewing tools to make their own unique products.

After 10 years Merchant & Mills continues to grow steadily, evolving and developing as experience and ideas demand. Carolyn and Roderick now travel the world in search of unique and beautiful fabrics, finding aesthetic and practical inspiration along the way. The brand personality has been created through the owners' accurate and unique vision - simply, elegant yet chic.

In the new space, the second floor will be used for a various sewing workshop.

Rye is an English Medieval town near the coast in East Sussex. Perched on a hill, cobbled streets and narrow passages reveal architectural treasures among beautifully preserved Medieval, Tudor and Georgian buildings. The slow pace atmosphere and charming little Mermaid street become the attraction for many tourists.

Link: Merchant & Mills