Tools to Liveby Grateful 9th Anniversary Sales

Grateful 9th Anniversary Sales

12% OFF ONLINE AND IN-STORE 2021/12/14(TUE)~2022/1/2(SUN)

We celebrate the 9th Anniversary, which offers a 12% discount on all products.

Also, the limited tiny bag as a gift is included for items purchased amount over NT$599. All gifts have been given away already

After discounting the purchase amount on the official website, over NT$1,500, you can enjoy free shipping.

Welcome to visit our website in the blessing period.

*Gifts are calculated based on the amount of consumption after discounts, using the method of accumulative gifts; the number of gifts is limited while supplies last.

*Some specific and special offers are not included in the event discounts.

*The purchase amount on the official website does not include shipping costs, and the shipping discounts are only available in Taiwan.