The people you meet during the journey are a wonderful chapter of fortune and a precious nutrient that nourishes your heart. Many years later, they will become indispensable memories of life.

No matter where you travel in the world, I look forward to a gathering place in the corner of the city. People who love TRAVELER'S notebooks can exchange national conditions and culture with each other and share the details of their journey, which is the origin of TRAVELER'S COMPANY Partner Shop.

It's a great honor to select as the Partner Shop designated by TRAVELER'S COMPANY in Taiwan, another way to contact the lovers of TRAVELER'S COMPANY products.

From now on, you can buy limited items of TRAVELER'S FACTORY in stores in Taipei and Kaohsiung or on the official website.

The hope of free travel may not come true in a short time.

However, we believe that when we can start traveling with peace of mind in the future, we can take the TRAVELER'S notebook and record the beauty of the trip on the travel map again, which is what we and TRAVELER'S COMPANY sincerely look forward to as soon as possible.