Present & Correct

Present & Correct was founded in 2009 by two graphic designers Neal Whittington and Mark Smith. Originally it was only an online shop, which Neal used to sell his design work and other products he loved. It became a physical shop in London accidentally, when Neal was looking for a place for his studio in 2012. It happened to be the same year we opened Tools to Liveby; I remember clearly their quick rise in popularity not long after opening. The shop is named after an old English saying - ‘ all present and correct', used to confirm all people or objects are where they are supposed to be.

Present & Correct’s unique aesthetic is reflected the selection of their stationeries and books, along with their display in-store. They sell their own products as well as other designer’s from around the world, and vintage items they discover when on sourcing trips in Europe. They are also the first stationery shop from oversea discovered our products and sell in-store.

The shopkeeper Neal is a big fan of mid-century architectures, graphic visuals, illustration, vintage packages and stamps, which he loves to discover while travelling. These reflect on Present and Correct’s distinctive brand visual vocabulary. A graphic grid appearance and geometric shapes unifies everything in their product shots. The unique visual vocabulary has also generated a strong social media following.