Normann showroom in Copenhagen

We happened to have chance to visit the furniture and lifestyle goods brand Normann’s showroom when we came to Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. Which combined flagship store and showroom presents an exclusive and bold design concept that captures the essence of the brand. Since the end of Spetember, 2016 the brand manager Britt Bonnesen and product designer Hans Hornemann started their first collaboration to design this retail space. The idea for them was not to just make a new furniture shop but to create a space that resembles the design DNA of Normann Copenhagen and showcases the visual identity of what Normann Copenhagen is. The space can be described in many ways: bold, experimental, artistic and curated. In this showroom there are exhibitions change on a continual basis to show selected parts of the collection in new, inspiring instellations.

The third exhibition “Yellow is the new pink” . The yellow runway continues to lead visitors down velvety steps and into the downstairs gallery of the showroom, where a golden treasure box of alluring lighting installations awaits. It has transformed the grand halls of the old cinema into a runway stage of its own kind: a sapphire yellow catwalk snakes its way through the showroom, ending in an enticing golden cave in the downstairs gallery. The design and concept developer Sabine Larsen explains “Yellow stands for positivity and energy. Especially in autumn and winter, the golden walls and yellow catwalk give the room a light and texture that feels embracing and calming. Like a hidden wonderland of gleaming lights, the various installations of light invite to get lost in artsy compositions and infinite reflections.

In the video, the brand manager Britt Bonnesen and product designer Hans Hornemann explained the concept of this showroom.


Normann showroom changed the exhibition every six months, it is a great spot to visit if you have chance to come to Copenhagen.

Normann showroom
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