Book: Sketches from a Google safari

One day I discovered a book in an independent and experimental publishing fair - Offprint London. I was immediately attracted by the illustration inside the book when I quickly flipped through it. I later checked online and realised it was a sketch book drawn by a famous British artist - Hugo Guinness - who currently lives in New York.

Hugo Guinness was born in London and was a copywriter for an advertising agency in his early career. He depicts everyday and eclectic objects in a simplistic but humorous way. His artworks have appeared in publications including The New York Times and Vogue magazine. He has collaborated on multiple films with director Wes Anderson; the most famous being his co-writing for "The Grand Budapest Hotel". His paintings and drawings have also appeared in Anderson’s other films.

The Sketches from a Google Safari is a book created in the flash of idea. The winter of 2014 was very cold in New York. Hugo Guinness stayed indoors, stared at his computer and in a flash of ennui decided to take a seven day armchair Google safari of some of the fauna and flora of the world. This sketch book captures what he saw from the internet. Every page is a sketch of an animal or a plant. The outline of his drawings are simple but very cute and stylish.