L.M. 3D Lenticular Printing Post Card (mom & child)

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When you change your perspective, life will become more enjoyable.
This animation postcard is based on such a nice concept. Turn the postcard left and right to make it active. The child gave her mother a beautiful flower, and the mother returned a sweet kiss. What a lovely picture! If you are not accustomed to expressing your love for your family, you may wish to bring this postcard and convey your thanks in a humorous way!

L.M. Kartenvertrieb & Verlags GmbH is an internationally established German producer of 3D and animated products, focusing on the creation of trendy and fun items, specifically targeted at youth and at people “who never get old”. Its extraordinary, modern and eye catching products are bestsellers all over the world.

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Paper and lenticular printing slide
14.8cm x 12cm

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